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An e-sports digital platform available 24/7 as a cloud-based solution that entertains and connects players, coaches, teams, fans and corporate brands together in an integrated social network; to promote skill enhancement, career growth, expand social links, organize & join tournaments while at the same time allow its stakeholders to monetize their talents, services and e-sports product offerings.

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A Social network platform for the Filipino e-sports community.

Value Proposition

A Social network platform for the Filipino e-sports community.


An online platform for sponsoring, advertising, selling to the e-sports community.


Live streams, recorded video, real-time chat, status posting, following, integration to Facebook, You Tube, Twitch, etc…


One on one challenge, team competition, formal tournaments, coaching, piloting, buy-in, tipping, etc…

Stay connected
with people.

An integrated E-Sports Digital platform that allows player to meet and develop community. With strict data privacy policy. Play, learn, be entertained, create oppotunities and Enjoy!

Kalaro Unique Features

Here are some major Kalaro use cases and how our platform will help you Enjoy and progress further with your gaming career.

Brand Owner / Manager

As a Brand Manager and Owner, Thru Kalaro Community, our Brand and business will be able to find note-worthy games and talents to sponsor and actively participate with and make high-impact visibility and in effect; a focused and targetted way to support the growing industry.

Gamer/Kalaro User

As a Gamer, Kalaro will keep me connected to fellow E-Atheletes, Brands and other important people in the E-Sports community to help me on my saga and achieve my goals.

Game and Tournament Organizer

As an Game Organizer, Kalaro will give me solid ecosystem that will help me organizing games and tournaments with the ability to quickly share and rally Teams, Players, Brands, and spectators.

A Social network platform for the
Filipino e-sports community.